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Conflict Resolution Logo"Conflict is inevitable but violence is not" 

Dr. Fae Samuels

Our team of professionals at CRS are pioneers in the field of conflict resolution in Canada and internationally. For example, Dr. Samuels is the first person to research her topic on Peer Mediation in Secondary Schools internationally and the first to research conflict resolution at the University of Toronto.

Her research started a chain of events. When Dr. Samuels started her research in this area there was very little talk of conflict resolution in schools and little or no material on this topic in the Toronto area. In addition, she has lived the experiences that she is promoting in eight different schools (elementary and secondary) in Canada, developed her strategies in South Africa and practiced her skills in Columbia and across Canada.

She is "Walking the Talk" The knowledge that she is sharing is not textbook theory only but theory and practice in the field of conflict resolution that has been acquired, implemented and developed for more than 30 years. Her work in this field is authentic, real and can be totally trusted to provide whatever is offered.

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